Similarities Attracts

Levels Of Similarity

We look at the notions of love and hate as uncontrollable, many time hormonal, emotional impressions, states that usually come and go without our conscious influence. But if we look at these notions in a systematic manner, rising above the instinctive emotions we can find a much clearer picture.

We love somebody or something when we find “positive similarity” in between the lover and the beloved. And hate is a state when there exists a mutual rejection, “negative similarity” due to the opposing viewpoints, opinions related to the same notion in between the haters.

Instinctive Bond

When two separate entities are created with exactly the same set of qualities, without any differences in between them they don’t “love” one another, they are simply automatically bonded, they exist in simple unison. They do not know what attraction, love means since they were never separated in the lack of any incompatibility. It is the same when separate parts, elements are created with the same “existential operating software” driving them.

When we look at the inanimate, vegetative and animate parts of the vast natural system – although externally there are innumerable different particles, elements, living creatures in it, all with their own lives, functions, life cycles – they are all embedded, integrated within the system by birth. They all automatically, instinctively and unconditionally offer, contribute their varied, diverse qualities, operations towards complementing the system.

Their inherent operating software – selfless, altruistic, unconditional service towards the collective – is the same, and they are all by default interconnected within the system’s “circle of life”. Thus they don’t sense their own or each other’s differences, individual qualities, states, they all sense themselves as a single, integrated whole, where each element is dissolved within. As a result even their differences only contribute to, intensify their unity.

The Negative Similarity In Humanity

If there are objects, life-forms which have absolutely no – either positive or negative – similarity in between them, they have no chance of experiencing love or hate either, since due to the complete incompatibility they don’t even have the chance of sensing one another, creating even a preliminary connection. They exist, vibrate on different frequencies.

Only when a partial compatibility/incompatibility exists in between them can separate entities start exploring the notions of love and hate.

Human beings find themselves in an interesting, “unnatural” state by birth.

We are all born with a prideful, unique individuality, anchored into our own “personal realities”. We are all driven by a fully self-serving, self-justifying, self-protecting software.

This similar inherent nature, operating software creates a certain form of “negative similarity” in between people giving them a mutual sense of each other. This “negative similarity” is based on our common understanding on mutual rejection, hate, ruthless competition, succeeding at the expense of others since we all live accordingly. This is similar to the mutual understanding, even respect in between rival criminals.

We could even say we “love to hate” each other, thus the only time human beings can unite with one another is doing so against a common enemy. The only thing that gives us greater pleasure then gaining something for ourselves, is when we see others lose. We happily account even for significant losses for ourselves, if by that our rivals loose even more.

Aliens On A Foreign Planet

Humanity as a whole has absolutely no similarity with nature’s system thus we feel ourselves outside of it. From our side we fear nature, we try to exploit it for our own advantage. But the system is “cold” towards us, presenting itself in an “impersonal” manner through precise, strict, unbending laws, most of which laws we have no idea about or we blissfully ignore.

This is a very one sided relationship. We name ourselves as experts, scientists of nature, we try attaching “humanoid” qualities, attributes to the inanimate, vegetative and animate levels in it.

But as proved through natural catastrophes or through myriads of natural processes which we simply can’t control or even fathom, in truth we have no clue about the natural system. It develops, operates completely independently from human influence, progressing through an evolutionary path that seems to be different from ours.

Despite evolving from nature we behave like aliens on a foreign planet only here for a temporary visit. Due to our selfish, egoistic and hateful inherent nature we have no matching frequency with nature’s selfless, altruistic, mutually complementing system.

Imminent Foreign Body Rejection

Up to this point we could seemingly get away with this complete disconnection, living within our artificial human bubble, taking from nature whatever we needed without knowing what we were doing. But today, as the deepening and unsolvable global crisis is showing, we have reached a final, threatening threshold. 

Suddenly the system started to show us that unless we find compatibility with it, adapting, integrating human society into the vast natural system, we will have no right to continue our survival. Suddenly the planet started to reject Humanity that has been existing as a foreign body in it.

In Need Of A Loving Coating

Integration, adaptation is only possible through similarity. Following on from the initial discussion of this article we can only survive and continue evolving together with the natural system of we become mutual “lovers” with it.

But in order to start loving the system, becoming similar with it, first we have to start loving one another, creating a mutually interconnected, mutually complementing global human society. Only such mutually loving human society can reach similarity and integration with nature’s system.

This requires a fundamental turnaround. Somehow human beings that are born to love hating one another would need to come to love loving each other. And since it is impossible to delete or even suppress our inherent nature, tendencies, we need to acquire the new behavioral pattern on top of the old.

We need to dress our hateful core matter into a loving external clothing, like covering “cancer-cells” in order to connect them to form a living, heathy multi-cellular organism.

Bonding Though The Center

Thus people need to build an artificial “positive similarity” above their inherent “negative similarity” to reach love over hate. As each human being is a very unique individual, with very diverse, different sets of qualities, attributes we can’t reach such “positive similarity” directly. We can never become similar to one another.

But similarly to how nature’s diverse inanimate, vegetative and animate parts bond, form “loving similarity” through their common purpose, common operating software, human beings can also start bonding through a common purpose, software.

Instead of the usual “human unity”, building alliances against a common enemy, building unity on hate, rejection, we need to find a positive purpose that can pull us together and above our inherent inclination.

And this positive purpose is building human integration, mutually complementing collaboration in order to form a fully integrated human collective that can integrate seamlessly within the vast natural system. This means building the same mutual guarantee nature is built on, survives by.

Thus this new, integrating, positive human similarity is not about directly “loving the others” which is impossible. It is about all willing participants, mutually loving the common purpose, goal they established for themselves, loving, yearning for the seamless integration into nature’s integral system.

Of course they need to respect, accept and unconditionally trust one another in order to succeed. Only through true, selfless, altruistic, mutually complementing cooperation can they reach the necessary similarity with nature’s system.

They work towards one another with a pure, positive intention, making it their life’s purpose to help the others​ in the mutual circle towards their common goal, above their own self-interest. It is this selfless, positive intention, positive “energy”, only caring for one another unconditionally that creates the bond in between them.

This selfless, positive energy accumulates in the center of their mutual interconnections. Their original hateful rejection is not cancelled, suppressed, but it remains as a negative pole, a dark contrast they can measure their bright mutual connection in the center against.

Mutual Love

The moment people – in specifically organized and conducted small circles – reach a necessary level of similarity with nature’s intrinsic mutual guarantee, by their positive mutual energy matching nature’s positive frequency, they suddenly feel an unprecedented change in their state. They as if fall into a different dimension, feeling themselves on a different planet.

The previously “cold and impersonal” natural system suddenly “melts”, turns towards them, embracing them with “love”. Through the gained similarity, “positive, altruistic frequency” people start to sense, taste a very personal, interactive relationship to reality around then.

They see, attain the different forces operating in nature, unveiling the previously concealed cause and effect processes. They can measure the result of their input into the system, how it creates ripples all through the system, inviting positive or negative reactions from it. They start an open communication with reality which was impossible before.

As long as they can sustain the “mutual love”, positive frequency, similarity in between them in the center of their purposeful mutual circle, they keep the gateway open towards the “mutual love” with the cosmic natural system.

Moreover they also start to feel how this “mutual love” gives true contentment, satisfaction to the system. This systemic contentment is similar to the relief, unbounded happiness of a Mother, welcoming back a long lost child.

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