Solving The Gordian Knot

The Gordian Knot Of Existence

We are born into reality with a “Gordian Knot” like, seemingly impossible to solve paradox. In our DNA, developmental plan our purpose of existence is imprinted. And this purpose is reaching similarity, and through increasing that similarity finally achieving complete equivalence with the force-field surrounding us.

But at the same time we are born with completely opposite qualities, characteristics compared to this force-field. While the force-field that creates and sustains life is characterized by selfless, altruistic, unconditional love and bestowal, we are born self-centered, self-serving and introverted.

Moreover we are absolutely dependent on this force-field, since it created us and still sustains our existence. Our whole life, the development, changes we go through solely depend on our source. Thus if we wanted to change ourselves we would need to ask and accept assistance from this force-field.

But we are also programmed in a way that receiving “free” help, assistance from any external source generates intractable, unbearable unease, shame in us, since our self-esteem, sense of singularity, independence can’t stand being knowingly dependant on anything else. Our self would rather annul, destroy itself than being constantly dependent, helplessly in debt to someone else.

This is because we are created with our source’s sense of “prideful” singularity, omnipotence. We all feel ourselves as the center of the Universe, its subjective coordinate system of time, space and physical motion constantly revolving around us.

We want to control our own fate and the fate of everybody else. Being dependent on others or even on the natural system pulls the carpet from underneath our feet. Still we are like branches of a tree, receiving everything through the root, thus by ourselves we can’t exist or sustain ourselves. The root gives while the branch receives.

Losing the illusion of control over our life shatters our self-belief, self-esteem, which automatically turns us against the source we depend on. In turn this hateful feeling, instinctive rejection towards the source that created us, giving us existence shames us.

Thus how is it possible to reach our purpose in life resolving all these Gordian Knots? How can the receiving branches​ become like the providing root, how can we cancel our shame by feeling resentment, hateful rejection due to our total dependence on our source?

Adhesion Through Middle Ground

Reaching equivalence with our creating, sustaining source can only happen by acquiring similarity of form, similarity of qualities with it. Since the source provides and we are receiving our existence from it while we have nothing to give, in terms of “action” we can never reach similarity with our source.

We will always remain completely dependant receivers while our source remains the independent provider of everything. But in terms of the intention of the action we can reach equivalence. We can find a “middle ground” with our source, using our nature of reception with the same intention our source bestows with.

And in this respect we are greatly helped as we are not existing in this really on our own, individually facing our source. We are surrounded by the whole world and within it we are surrounded by other people.

We can use those others as a “cover”, “screen”, the middle ground in between ourselves and our source. If we start using our inherently receptive nature, drawing force in order to ask the creating force-field to help those others reach equivalence with it, reaching their existential purpose while we remain as we are, simply playing a “matchmaker” role in between them, we actually match our source in its selflessly, unconditionally loving intention towards its creatures.

Thus we can use our inherently receptive nature, asking for infinite fulfillment without any shame, since we are not asking fulfillment for ourselves, but we are asking for all the others that we placed in between ourselves and the source. As a result we fully merit meeting, adhering to our source in the vessel we use for fulfillment, within those others, like a mother and a father meeting, bonding within the care for their common baby.

Preparation In The Laboratory

We can prepare ourselves for this “meeting”, reaching similarity of form with our source in a unique human laboratory.

A circle of fully committed people with the single, common goal of reaching similarity with reality’s governing source can make such preparation by artificially playacting the source’s qualities – selfless, altruistic love and bestowal to one another – until that game becomes reality.

They can pull and push each other through the natural attributes of envy, jealousy, desire for respect, always wanting more until their mutual yearning for their common goal becomes greater, more intense than any other goal, desire in their lives.

When they all mutually reach a true, insatiable and irreplaceable yearning for self-annulment in order to help, assist the others to reach their common goal, they open a passage in between themselves and their source through those others. From then on the mutual work in fulfilling others in between them and their source starts.

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