The Bitter Truth

Objective Truth/Falsehood And Sweet/Bitter

When a closed, living system is built on strict, unbending laws, absolute truth or falsehood is clearly discernable for an objective observer.

For each individual element, living creature in any given system – with their own individual survival reflexes, computing capabilities – the calculations are inherently self-centered, subjective, they are “sweet vs bitter” from the viewpoint of the individual.

When those individual elements, living creatures are fully integrated into the closed, living system, seamlessly participating in its life-flow, communication, their individual “sweet vs bitter” calculations are in tune with the system’s absolute “truth vs falsehood”.

After all in such a closed, fully integrated living system the optimal state and development of each comprising element depends on, agrees with the optimal state and development of the whole collective.

Thus individual calculations are naturally overtaken by primarily collective calculations since the individual’s survival clearly depends on the collective.

Such instinctively integrated elements are automatically, “blindly” bound to the system without the capability of conscious awareness of it.

The Human Outsiders

It is only when the sense of belonging, integration is disrupted, deleted does the individual “sweet vs bitter” calculations start diverging from the system’s “truth vs falsehood” discernments.

In the vast, cosmic natural system the inanimate, vegetative and animate levels are fully, automatically integrated within the system. They instinctively take part in nature’s “circle of life”, “mutual guarantee”.

This means selflessly, altruistically contributing to the system, making calculations primarily for the well-being of the collective ahead of any individualistic calculations.

But human beings are very different. We are born without that sense of instinctive belonging, we are not part of nature’s mutual guarantee. Each and every human being is born as a proud, unique individual. We are all separate entities on our own, living in “our own worlds”.

The greatest difference between human beings and the rest of the natural system is this perceived separation, the lack of instinctive mutual guarantee with the system.

Bliss In Mutual Guarantee

Existing within mutual guarantee provides the participants with an absolute, perfect security, confidence, an infinite existential perception above, independent of the “self”. Normally such a perfect care is only found within the mother’s womb. We don’t consciously remember that state but this is the actual “bliss”, “nirvana” people are longingly searching for through different methods.

It is a state of existence where one simply stops worrying, being concerned about one’s own self, one is blissfully floating above everything, experiencing existence in its perfect, unblemished totality. Nothing connects one’s calculations to one’s own self any longer, as all necessities are automatically, immediately, perfectly fulfilled.

Although from the outside, judged by the external form we seemingly observe constant strife, hunting, killing, extinctions, the constantly recurring cycle of life and death, a desperate fight for survival in nature, in truth on the inside everything is in absolute perfection, balance, within the optimal boundaries of homeostasis.

The predator or the prey don’t sense their own individual existence, life or death, they sense themselves as contributing elements of the total system, each performing their own perfect role, consciously sensing themselves on the level of “circle of life”.

It is exactly the same for the cells, organs of our biological bodies. While they have their own calculations, life functions, they are switched on and off, they die and are reborn, their only calculation, “consciousness” lies within the combined, collective consciousness of the whole body, serving the singular, collective intelligence.

Random Reward And Punishment

Human beings are different. Although we still exist fully integrated within the same, vast, cosmic natural Universe, we feel, we are convinced that we exist outside of the system, “in our own world”.

Thus as we developed, as our unique self-centered, self-serving consciousness – without the collective measurements, adjustments, control provided by mutual guarantee – intensified through generations, our individual “sweet vs bitter” calculations, the human “pleasure/pain” software has diverged far from nature’s “truth vs falsehood” standards to the point of complete opposition.

Thus our lives are experienced through constant ups and downs, reward and punishment, depending on our seemingly random, actual compatibility our incompatibility with nature’s system. When we stumble on and follow nature’s laws we succeed, when we go against them we fail.

Needing An Insider View

Since the appearance of humanity is within evolution’s plan, and as this plan is “perfect”, driving the whole cosmic system toward a most optimal final state, this “Human divergence” is also part of the plan.

Only from the completely opposite, outsider observer position can human beings develop the unique, unprecedented, independent mind that can complete evolution’s plan, making humanity truly the crown of evolution.

But the outsider position is not enough for achieving this purpose. We would need to at the same time also integrate, enter nature’s system establishing an “insider” observer alongside the “outsider” one. Then in between the two contrasts, opposite edges can we start the real comparative research, fully understanding, attaining the system.

Reaching Similarity Of Form

Entering the system, integrating in it requires similarity of qualities with it. We would need to acquire the capability of basing our calculations on the same measure of absolute “truth vs falsehood” the whole system works by.

Our obvious difficulty is that our own measurements of personal “sweet vs bitter” is opposite to the system’s “truth vs falsehood”. Thus we would need a unique, practical method that would provide us with nature’s measurements over our own.

As we discussed above the fundamental arrangement in nature’s system is mutual guarantee as a result of the selfless, altruistic, mutually complementing collaboration of all comprising elements. It is through mutual guarantee within a human environment that we could acquire similarity of qualities and thus subsequent integration with the system.

In order to build mutual guarantee and acquire the “truth vs falsehood” calculations over the inherently selfish “sweet vs bitter” ones people need to try building mutual guarantee in closed, specially organized and conducted, mutual human circles.

There they can – with appropriate tools and guidance – first neutralize their own “sweet be bitter” calculations to exist above them, and then gradually acquire the absolute “truth vs falsehood” calculations.

In other words from the instinctive “self-love” and hateful rejection towards others they can reach selfless, altruistic “love of others” through the intermediate state of “don’t do to others what you yourself hate”.

A Candle Lightning A Great Flame

The process leading to mutual guarantee in the unique Human circle involves the artificial play acting of selfless, altruistic service and love towards one another. This way the members of the circle show positive example, inspiration to one another while pulling, pushing the others through provoking the instinctive human attributes of positive envy, desire for respect, shame of being left behind.

Through such a game they constantly intensify the importance of their collective goal of reaching mutual guarantee. They grow, magnify that desire to such an extent that at the end their yearning becomes intolerable, irrepressible, more important than anything else in life. And such an unprecedented, insatiable yearning opens the gateway towards the system.

The game itself already gives them a certain sense of cameradie, brotherhood, a feeling of receiving a glimpse into nature’s “circle of life”. But when they enter the system through that minimal similarity their collective yearning achieved, they are flooded with a quantitatively and qualitatively different sensation.

The absolute truth within the system, the primordial, selfless, altruistic love and service of others for Love’s and Giving’s sake fills them perfectly. It is like that through the little “candle” of artificial mutual love and bestowal towards one another they generated in their circle, they lit an infinite, all consuming flame. This is the point where “absolute truth be falsehood” merges again in them with individual “sweet be bitter”.

If they didn’t start from the opposite, “outsider point of view”, if they didn’t have to constantly sustain their similarity against their inherent nature, this all consuming Flame of Love would devour them, they would disappear without a chance to observe anything.

But since these unique observer consist of two different, opposing parts, different set of qualities, they become capable of infinite perception in between those two opposite edges.

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