The Donkey Driver

Incredible Chance

Although we are born into this very limited, subjective, suffering filled corporeal reality – where we are born against our will, chase random, mostly futile and obsolete desires instinctively, then pass away against our will – we have the potential to enter a very different kind of existence.

We are given the chance to consciously sense, perceive ourselves in an infinite dimension, above time, space, physical motion, disconnected from biological life or death.

The Donkey’s Chance

Our basic “matter”, the life force driving us is an insatiable, irrepressible desire for pleasure for ourselves. In Hebrew the word “matter” (chomer) is very similar to “donkey” (chamor). By birth we are like donkeys, instinctively, stubbornly only moving either by “carrot or stick”, some pleasure pulling us forward, or pain pushing us from behind.

But hidden in this “humanoid donkey” there is a spark of a true Human being hidden. With the right practical method and the help of a suitable “donkey driver” we can liberate that Human spark, and help it to become a real Human being riding the donkey.

Assembling The Donkeys Into Group

So where can we get such a donkey driver? Through a very unique, purposeful method.

A small circle of otherwise unrelated people are assembled into a closed group. In that group they have nothing else but a precise methodology, a helpful guide, like a “coach”, and their instinctive donkeys with that small, potential Human spark, aspiration implanted into them. And they all commit to a single, common goal: to help each other place a Human rider on each other’s donkeys.

The donkeys are like any other animal but with an especially stubborn, one dimensional character. These instinctive creatures can’t do anything else but to obey their original “pleasure/pain principle” moved by either the carrot or the stick. If there is neither carrot not stick they just stay where they are, how they are.

Now these selected and fully committed individuals somehow have to use each other’s donkeys in a way that by using carrot or stick they gradually entice, awaken and then liberate those potentially Human sparks, inspirations until they become capable of riding over the donkeys leading then towards a positive purpose despite the donkeys’ instinctive programming.

Role Play

By the virtue of those awakened, but still buried human sparks these “humanoid donkeys” received a common inspiration towards a different kind of life. They join the group based on an irrepressible question about meaning of life, human purpose in existence. This minimal inspiration, inkling yearning is then augmented, stoked through the unique, purposeful source materials and mutual, practical exercises.

Since they have nothing else at the beginning but the donkeys, stubbornly following their egocentric pleasure/pain software, this is what they have to use. Thus they start a mutual game.

They start play acting for each other a very realistic, attractive picture of an existence which none of them have previous experience about. They receive guidance from their source materials, and from their guide giving them at least a minimal idea of what a truly Human being, Human existence is about.

So they try to “get into character” and to the extent they can imagine how such a Human being would behave, relate to others, they start playing that role. They build mutual commitments, show “excessive” positive example to each other in relation to the goal, challenging one another to a positive, purposeful competition.

Building, Stoking Fear

As a result of building – with their devoted, incessant, mutual game – an unprecedented attractive forward pull towards a different, qualitatively higher level of existence, using the inherent attributes of envy, lust, desire for respect they start to evoke a sense of fear in one another.

This fear is the perceived gap, “delta” in between their present state and the potential, more optimal state projected by their collectiveis efforts, the unique inner atmosphere they built.

It is this unique, mutual atmosphere, common aspiration towards the more optimal Human state, and the fear of missing out on it that becomes their “donkey driver”. Then this mutually generated “donkey driver” will keep them moving against and despite their original animate nature stubbornly wanting to stay put our run away.

This fear has three levels depending on its intention.

First they want to reach that next state, fearing missing out on it in order to improve their present physical, material lives. Then they start to think about the “existence” beyond physical death. They hope that the qualitatively higher state, their invested efforts will help them enter “paradise”, and avoid “hell”.

These two fears, aspirations are still selfish, egoistic, but still they give them healthy driving force, fuel in order to continue their mutual efforts, preventing them escaping the mutual campaign.

But as they progress, as the game becomes more serious and they start to receive “hints”, preliminary “tastes” from existing as Human beings riding their donkeys above the subjective, blind, stubborn, animate existence, they start to feel another aspiration, possible intention.

Human Purpose

Through those hints, glimpses into being a truly Human being they also receive momentary insights into the vast, cosmic, natural system we exist in and a glimpse into the system’s evolutionary plan. And that plan shows them that them reaching a truly Human status, a being that can consciously ride over the instinctive donkey is the final, most optimal state of the plan of evolution in relation to the whole system.

A fully, independently conscious Human “rider”, capable of sensing the whole system in between a simple, instinctive animate existence and a fully independent, objective, selfless Human one becomes the perfect observer, judge of the system. Only such a unique “kentaur”, a donkey with a Human head is capable of comparative research in between extreme opposites.

That selfless, independent and objective Human observer riding over the donkey’s body is capable of fully attaining and fully justifying the system, it’s evolutionary plan, and its source based on the attained contrasts, comparative research.

Thus if they fail in acquiring that Human being riding on the donkey, they prevent the completion of evolution’s plan, and this way they condemn its creating source.

So they start fearing causing such a colossal, cosmic failure, “let down”. They start feeling themselves like a star performer failing to put the finishing touches, the final glitter, crown on a monumental production with everybody watching with the greatest possible expectation.

It is this “supernatural” – above and despite instinctive nature – fear, being the previous selfish fears, that becomes the donkey driver’s sharpest and most potent stick, and carrot, offering them the starring role in this cosmic production. This final, altruistic fear is one that pulls those potentially Human sparks out of the donkeys, allowing them to become the Human head, consciousness.

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