In Labour Pains

The Drama Of Birth

Birth is the most dramatic, critical moment of life. A creature from within the most perfect, possibly most optimal environment a living creature could exist in – the mother’s womb – is violently ejected into a new, unprecedented dimension.

From a warm, embracing, protective, personal cocoon, where all necessities are immediately, perfectly, unconditionally fulfilled, the creature needs to enter a new, unknown environment where the previous care, fulfillment of necessities is not at all guaranteed any longer.

In natural birth this process is pre-programmed and in an ideal case unstoppable. And the newborn doesn’t consciously perceives – at least according to our present understanding – leaving that perfect environment for a much less perfect one.

Still this delicate process, “perfect crisis” is fraught with many unknowns, dangers. It is not surprising that despite of all our technological advances today the percentage of Caesarean sections in “developed countries” is vastly higher – in order to make birth more predictable – compared to previous generations.

Proactive Spiritual Birth

The birth, labour process when people cross over from an inherently selfish, egoistic and subjective existence to a selfless, altruistic and objective one is just as delicate and unpredictable. Moreover this birth process is not automatic, it is not imprinted into our default program. Without the “baby’s” conscious participation this “spiritual birth” doesn’t succeed and instead results in a stillborn baby.

This spiritual birth is constructed completely from zero by those who want to be born into a new reality. They build the womb, they create conception, they nurture, develop the embryo until it is ready to be born, and then they initiate the birth process and push the new baby out into the new world.

A Spark Awakening

It all starts with a tiny spark awakening in people, pulling them towards the meaning, purpose of their lives. Such questions awakens in each and every person time after time, but only when it becomes “intolerable”, impossible to ignore or suppress, do people start searching to find answers.

Either due to unbearable suffering in their present lives, or because the available animate (food, sex, family) and social (wealth, dominion, knowledge) desires and their fulfillment can’t satisfy them any longer, these people have to start searching for something different.

Sooner or later people who truly want to find the right answers, and can’t be bribed, satiated with half solutions, or different methods, teachings, religions offering merely psychological support, arrive to a specific environment with a unique, purposeful method. That method is designed to assist people in reaching their unique, Human purpose in existence.

Although it is that tiny spark that leads them overall, at this stage they are similar to other people, driven by the same instinctive software. And this software is the inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egoistic human nature we are all born with. Only that tiny spark hinting at a potential, different existence is what differentiates these people from others.

Overlooking The Small Print

In that unique environment these people start hearing, learning about and gradually accepting that the “other dimension”, the improved, Human existence is based on building special mutual interconnections in between people. Without knowing what it actually means they seemingly comprehend and accept that such connections are based on the selfless, altruistic bestowal and love towards others.

Initially the it disappointment from their regular life, the excitement, expectations of the new method, the projected, hoped for reward from the spiritual state covers, “sweetens” the truth. It sugar coats the severity of the basic condition for reaching that new state, which is the complete self-annulment towards others.

Thus these people “sign on the dotted line”, agree to “everything” and excitedly start marching forward. They are almost feeling the taste of that different, yearned for new, spiritual life with all of its unimaginable rewards.

The Fattening Baby In The Common Womb

They start building a closed environment, mutual connections with brotherly support. The warmth and confidence they gain from each other fortifies their strength, and they continue building their “beautiful cities”, the inviting mutual environment, bouyed by the stark contrast in between their new, warm, familial connections, brotherhood, compared to the dark, cold, suffering filled and increasingly hateful outside world.

This closed, warm, mutually supportive environment becomes their collective womb nurturing then towards their common goal. This is the state of performing mutual bestowing, loving action, care towards one another in order to feel good, in order to gain confidence, to increase unity in a self-rewarding way.

This way each member of the collective benefits from the common actions, interconnections. Although it is a selfish action, directly serving the inherent software of selfish, egocentric reception, it still grows the “common baby” – their unity – in their common, protective womb. Their common baby in their common womb is gaining weight.

A New Mind, Purpose Awakens

Through this mutual process the initial individual sparks that pulled them into this environment start to interconnect with one another. Although their unity is mostly external, physical, spending time together, performing common actions, as a result of their effort a deeper, inner connection starts to form.

Even if their main effort so far has been towards creating a rewarding, warm, supportive environment, their initial aim of entering the new, spiritual dimension hasn’t disappeared. And they are constantly reminded to that goal by the method they use, by the source materials they study and by their experienced guide assisting then in this birth.

At a certain point, through the accumulating efforts their sparks interconnect to such an extent that they create an intimate network that as if suddenly comes alive as a new entity. And as a result this common, united entity becomes the new “mind” of their common baby, directing, puing them. It refocuses their unity, their efforts, firmly aiming them towards their initial goal.

This new collective leading mind, consciousness sharply remind them that their actual goal wasn’t simply to build a collective sanctuary from the outside world, in order to benefit, fatten their inherent, selfish nature in another way through mutual bestowal.

The New Reality Taking Shape

As a result of this newly awakened sense of purpose they start to finally understand towards what state the initial spark was pulling them. They start to see that the reason they have to build mutually loving, bestowing connections in between them is not in order to feel good, confident, safe among themselves.

Instead they need to cling to and serve the very notion of selfless, altruistic, unconditional love and bestowal, while they themselves don’t receive anything but dissolve into that notion, becoming like it. They start to formulate a picture, sense of that notion, force-field of selfless, altruistic love and bestowal they need to enter, dissolve into.

They realize with horror that they will have to leave their cushy, comfortable womb, their present existence in order to enter a new life.

They already gave up the inherently selfish reception when they entered this environment and started mutually bestowing to one another, building their mutual womb.

Now they have to give up any self reception, self-protection, any self-reward our reassurance even from bestowal. They have to disappear in unconditional love and bestowal without anything remaining for the self.

Inner War

At this stage it is very important that they already built such mutual integration, mutual commitment, framework for each other that can withstand the opposing forces starting to work on them. Only such “ingrained covenant” in between them can prevent them escaping, “aborting”.

Their inherent nature, self-protection, survival reflex starts to obstruct them, doing anything in its power to hold them back. The more they inspire one another, raising the importance, attraction of that new, selfless state, the greater resistance their selfish egos produces.


Last Push

These back and forth movements, inner struggle becomes their “labour pangs”. Every time they increase their mutual unity, pushing one another closer to that new state they get a glimpse, a little taste of what awaits them.

Through those glimpses, tastes they realize that what they considered as “life”, “existence” so far cannot be considered as a living, breathing state compared to that “other existence”. Their present state in the womb, what they considered so warm and comfortable before, suddenly becomes suffocating, lifeless.

At the same time they also reveal that due to their selfish egos anchoring them they will never have any chance of leaving that suffocating cocoon. It is impossible for one to become detached from the nature one was born with.

Thus they all make a fateful decision, offering the ultimate sacrifice. They are all ready to give up any personal hope, aspiration to leave, subduing themselves to make a last effort, a superhuman push – through positive example, support, providing great inspiration – in order to help the others. They are ready to eject their friends from the womb to that other, selfless dimension where they can finally take a clear breath from the air of altruistic, unconditional love and bestowal.

But as they all make the same, complete self-annulment, self-sacrifice for one another, the hold of the ego let’s go, the womb opens and they all find themselves “on the other side”, taking a deep breath, crying from unprecedented joy.

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