True Infinity

A Shot At Infinity

The Wisdom of Kabbalah teaches that we have the opportunity and capability to acquire a consciousness that can perceive eternity and infinity while we still exist in this life.

The problem starts when we try imagining what that “infinity and eternity” actually means.

Locked Into A Subjective Coordinate System

Our inherent mind, perception, computing capability is not equipped with the scope, the range of frequencies that is necessary for even picturing that “infinite, eternal” state.

We are born with a singular, unique, individualistic self. This egocentric self is only capable of making calculations for self-reward, self-service while fighting for survival against the rest of reality based on a self-centered pleasure-pain principle.

This state of existence necessitates a one directional, introverted and completely subjective perception of reality, solely focused on serving the self. This perception filters out everything that is not crucial for the moment to moment pleasure-pain calculations, providing a very limited, distorted view of the world around us.

This self-centered, subjective perception creates a coordinate system with the vectors of time, space and physical motion. These are all subjective, unreal vectors, providing basic measurements giving us the “distance” towards the next expected pleasure or distance from the nearest, expected pain.

Only our self-service, egocentric survival reflex sustains this “fabricated”, artificial coordinate system. And although we could say that seemingly the same coordinates, dependency applies to everything else we observe around us, we only judge, “see” that way, since we observe everything subjectively, through our own selfish distortion.

We have no idea how the world, other people, creatures, the Universe operates outside of our field of vision.

A Different Kind Of Infinity

When we try imagining infinity, eternity from our present point of view we imagine a boundless, unlimited space that just goes on forever in an incomprehensible manner. We still measure infinity, eternity in terms of how “far” we could reach, travel from our own subjective, egoistic point of view.

But in truth “real” infinity, eternity is very different, we could say it is actually opposite. Infinity, eternity is a very precisely defined, “rounded” state when the perceived reality becomes fully “encircled”.

Before we delve into trying to explain infinity, eternity we have to understand our basic matter, what drives us.

The Desire, Our Driving Force

We are not “solid bodies” (not even examining our actual biological, physical structure), but we are composed of myriads of desires that comprise a single, overwhelming desire for survival, for pleasures for the self.

This basic desire for existence, pleasure keeps us alive, constantly driving us for newer, greater, tastier, more exciting pleasures enlivening our existence. And this desire is insatiable as it constantly, exponentially grows.

If we satiated a desire for a measure of “200” today, next day we need a measure of “400” of the same pleasure in order to reach the same level of satisfaction.

This general desire goes through the animate (food, sex, family) and social (wealth, power, knowledge) levels. But what we are not aware of yet is that deep down there is a core need, a primordial lack that keeps the whole system of reality in motion.

And this desire is for the qualitatively highest level creature, the Human being to reach equivalence with the source of the system. This is achieved by the Human being qualitatively equalizing itself with the singular force-field permeating the whole system.

Until that final goal, destiny is achieved, man cannot become fully satisfied and the whole system remains in motion, evolving towards that final state, constantly providing the most suitable conditions for man to reach the Human purpose.


The concept of “infinity, eternity” is as follows.

Infinity is a state where the receptive vessel, the desire for pleasures is completely, perfectly full, satiated without any lack remaining. It is when the human vessel of perception reaches complete fulfillment, encompassing reality around it without any outstanding, remaining lack or yearning.

At that moment the coordinate system of time, space and motion pointing towards the next expected pleasure, fulfillment becomes obsolete and disappears, the observer finding oneself in an unprecedented zero point, an infinite, eternal state in that complete, “lack-less” fulfillment.

This state of infinity doesn’t depend on the “size” of the vessel, the open, active vessel simply needs to become fully satiated, fulfilled according to its present, actual state.

This “true infinity” state is very different from the usual “overload”, animate satisfaction people experience after a good meal or sex, when one becomes full, turned off and wants to rest or sleep. In this state one is fully, unusually alert with all sensory organs firing at full potential, full sensitivity, able to observe reality in an objective, unbounded manner.


Embryonic Infinity

We can reach this point in two conditions.

We can shrink the general desire, lack to virtually zero, as if nothing but the observer existed. Then due to the lack of outstanding, still unfulfilled desires the time, space, motion coordinate system collapses, giving the observer a liberated, infinite and eternal point of view.

This “shrinking” cannot happen directly, we can’t suppress or delete the selfish, egocentric desire for existence, pleasures by ourselves. But we can pull the observer point out of that inherent yearning.

It is possible when a small circle of fully committed, devoted people make 100% effort in order to reach “mutual guarantee” in between them.

Mutual Guarantee is a state when the participants – signing an unbreakable covenant in between them – only focus on revealing, sensing and fulfilling each other’s desires as if those were their own needs, desires.

First this effort happens through artificial actions, play acting, “as if” the participants world already be able to act, exist in such a selfless, altruistic manner towards each other. But even such artificial, pretense action, pulling, pushing one another inciting positive envy, jealousy, desire for respect in one another they can loosen the suffocating grip of the selfish egos like a dentist loosening the tooth before pulling it out.

If this mutual effort reaches a certain threshold they can “dig” one another out of self-concern, self-protection, they can cut each other’s anchors chaining then to their egocentric “pleasure-pain” coordinate system by successfully “pretending” to fully cover each other’s necessities thru the game.

The first state after such liberation is the “moment of freedom”, when they all, mutually find themselves in a “selfless vacuum”, like newborns observing a completely new reality objectively, without any selfish, egoistic distortion.

In this first, “embryonic” consciousness they don’t understand the true reality, true dimension of perception yet. They simply managed to liberate one another out of the inherently selfish, subjective caves they were born into.

The only things they can discern at this stage is that there is an overwhelming uniform, singular frequency, quality that sustains, infuses this true reality. This is the quality of selfless, altruistic love and service of others, which they can now sense by the virtue of similarity they themselves reached.

They reached out through their “pretense” mutual guarantee, through the mutual game they performed which game turned “dead serious” by the end.

They also feel without any doubt that this state and the effect of that singular, uniform force-field is absolute “good” compared to their original, completely selfish, introverted and subjective “bad” state.

Since they become liberated from their selfish desires, necessities they sense true “infinity”, “eternity”, being lost in that moment of perfection without any further egocentric calculations pulling, pushing them forward. They feel they could remain in this perfect moment forever.

Moving On

An embryo is just the initial point of existence. But an embryo needs to grow into a fully developed, mature being in order to fulfill its potential.

This first, embryonic perception of infinity, eternity cannot last. The above mentioned inner need, lack for reaching complete equivalence with that singular, uniform operating force-field drives development forward.

Although the embryo would love to stay in that state of perfection, freedom, that inner program opens up the new need, yearning to fully attain, understand the whole system, its force-field, and the “mindset” of the source that brought this whole system into existence.

In order to conduct such a research, revelation the observer cannot remain in that selfless, “lack-less” restricted point, but it needs increasingly greater, deeper vessels, desires, a vast “laboratory” to work with, where examinations, discernment, calculations can be performed.

One can’t return to one’s own selfish, egoistic desires, vessels as the acquired selfless, altruistic similarity of form would be immediately violated. Those desires would pull one back into the same limited, dark, subjective, inherent cave.

Thus these pioneer observers, researchers need to continue what they set out to achieve originally. Instead of “parking” in that mutual, neutral, free space in between each other’s egoistic, selfish desires they now have to enter the desires of others, fully serving them instead of serving themselves.

This is a qualitatively much greater state of selfless, altruistic love and service, which is by magnitudes harder than the previous freedom they achieved. They need to turn their potential bestowing capability into actual practice.


True Infinity Through True Bestowal

Thus by keeping their previously acquired mutual, selfless, altruistic attitude, intention towards one another, and also maintaining their final goal of complete equivalence they start entering, “tasting” the desires, lacks, necessities of the others as miners digging deeper and deeper. And they have to gradually enlarge their circle so by step encompassing the whole of reality around the initial core.

They have to associate themselves with all the emotions, sensations, all the sorrow and joy that erupts, flows, builds and destroys around then. And over all of them they need to search for, demand for that the same singular, uniform loving and bestowing force-field to harmonize, cover, soothe everything, all the pain, desperate helplessness they perceive.

They are demanding the overall “conductor” to create an unprecedented, magnificent cosmic harmony out of the intolerable chaos, cacophony they dig into, reveal through that ocean of desires they sense around them.

It is not enough that they already sensed that loving, bestowing force-field that it must originate from a single, “good” source giving them that state of embryonic perfection. They have to know, reveal without any doubt that this source and it’s force-field is truly “benevolent”, providing perfection for each and every part, element of the system.

They have to continue their mutual work in the original circle, intensifying, refining their mutual guarantee, their selfless, altruistic state to such an extent, until through similarity of form, similarity of the selfless, altruistic qualities they find themselves in the same, perfect state.

The Conductor

But now after immersing themselves into all possible desires, lacks, necessities the whole cosmic reality had to offer that previously embryonic, “senseless” observer point becomes the conductor’s pulpit.

They themselves stands in the center of reality, hearing, enjoying the most exquisite, sublime harmony, as if they themselves conducted the cosmic philharmonic orchestra. They see how the previously distorted, unfitting, incompatible, mutually destructive notions, events, entities suddenly all perfectly complement one another.

There at that point they merge, adhere to the single, good and benevolent source of existence, becoming like it.

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