Screened Light

In The Shade

The Sun is very important for us. It provides us with heat, light, without it life wouldn’t exist. Most of us love to bask in the sun, when it is hidden by clouds, fog we can hardly wait for it to show itself again. Still we can’t look straight into the Sun as it would burn, damage our eyes. Thus we shelter our eyes from it.

Our relationship is the same towards the single source, force-field that permeates and sustains our system of reality. This source is infinitely greater and stronger than the Sun, existed long before stars came to exist, and will still exist long time after stars disappeared.

This incredible source, regarding it’s wishes is the direct opposite of us.

This source is the essence of selfless, altruistic, unconditional service and love, creating and sustaining life, providing the best possible conditions for all life-forms to evolve and develop.

On the other hand we in our inherent qualities are selfish, egoistic and hateful towards everything that is outside of us. We ruthlessly compete for resources and survival and succeed at the expense of others.

Thus we can’t directly connect to our life source as the difference, opposition of qualities world “burn” us.

Needing Cover

On the other hand our single Human purpose in existence is revealing and adhering to this single source through reaching similarity of qualities with it. By such adhesion we would reach an unprecedented, qualitatively much higher existence above the limitations of time, space, physical motion and biological death.

We need to achieve this by rising above our inherent qualities, acquiring new, matching ones.

We can’t delete, or even suppress our inherent nature, as that is all the matter we have. Instead, as with the sun parallel above, we need to acquire a shade, a protective cover, shielding our intent qualities, matter from our source, connecting to it through the cover.

The Game Of Mutual Guarantee

So how can we acquire such a cover which can on one hand connect with our inherent qualities, while on the other hand fits and connects to our source?

For this reason evolution – based on a the plan according to which we develop towards our final Human purpose – provides us with other people, who have the same purpose. We are also provided with a unique, purposeful method, through which such people can “use one another” in order to reach that similarity of qualities.

The method facilitates the inherently selfish, egoistic people to assemble into a closed circle, use their “healthy”, inherent nature and still “come out” on the other side of the circle with qualities that allows them to connect to the source of reality.

In that circle the start playing a game of enticing, inspiring, pulling and pushing one another towards a state of “mutual guarantee”.

Mutual Guarantee is the default state of the vast, cosmic system of nature, where each comprising element, particle our bar galaxies, seamlessly, intimately complement each other.

Such selfless, altruistic, unconditional, mutually complementing collaboration – while making calculations and acting only for the sake, well-being of the whole collective – maintains balance and homeostasis, that in turn sustains life and optimal development.

But while other elements of the natural system do so instinctively, automatically, driven by their “unblemished” inherent software, humans are born with a very different, “self-serving” software. By this “human software” we can only make calculations for our own sake, against, at the expense of the collective.

This is why the method in the circle is based on a “pretense”, artificial game, playing mutual guarantee against inherent nature. This game – if played right, with full devotion, commitment, following the unique method – can draw the participants towards real mutual guarantee against their inherent nature, by using that inherent nature.

By projecting selfless love, concern, mutual support, importance of their common goal towards one another they can incite positive envy, desire for respect, yearning for what the others have in each other. And these inherent qualities can pull one out of one’s comfort zone, drawing the person from the inherent nature towards the new, desired nature.

The game is called “buying the friends”. Through investing artificial love and support towards one another – similarly to parents pouring love and support towards a newly adopted child – they actually “buy a share” in each other.

If this mutual action is performed constantly, ceaselessly, with full devotion, supported by the purposeful, authentic method, the concern, worry for each other becomes real. And true concern for another is already the sign of love and care.


Perception Through Others

The most important element of this method of the “workshop”. Through a specifically organized and conducted round table discussion the members of the circle receive an opportunity to give up their own viewpoints, opinions, wants, and instead wash themselves over with the viewpoints, opinions and desires of the others.

It is a very unique laboratory, where by projecting their own opinions and inviting reactions from the others, while at the same time opening themselves up towards what the others are projecting, they keep probing, testing, feeling each other.

Even within minutes – if they already got used to one another, following the gentle guidance of their moderator -they can break through their selfish ego’s protective shields, finding themselves in a unique, mutual space where individualism, selfish calculations are suspended.

Basically what they are trying to do is dressing into each other, trying to view, analyze and research reality through the viewpoint of the others, receiving a completely new perception, opening up dimensions that were closed to them before. They try to make those others their new sensory organs perceiving reality through them instead of their own senses.

Finding Everything Within The Circle

But the point is not what they see or perceive through the others. The point is the type of interconnections they build, generate in between them. The focus gradually shifts from what is beyond their circle, it shifts from trying to reach something, trying to get to somewhere, trying to see some wonderous new world full of secrets through using those others.

Initially they wanted to use the others as covers, filters through which they can connect to and reveal that magnificent source of reality, considering each other as tools for their personal attainment. But now they start to see that everything happens and is revealed in between them.

They don’t need to aim to somewhere else, they don’t need to try to get through the circle they built towards another goal. No, everything is found within the center of the circle and the only thing they need to focus on is the quality of their mutual interconnections. Moreover instead of their own attainment they realize that they are there to help, support the others to attain, reveal.

After all what they need to find, discover is the quality of selfless, altruistic love and bestowal towards others, and then through such qualities do they reach the similarity of form with the source.

All the perception, revelations, research is going to be conducted within those mutual interconnections, trying to match the quality of their generated mutual network to the absolute qualities of their source.

Meeting, Sizing The Ego

So we could say that at the end this is all quite underwhelming. The purpose of existence, the purpose of evolution is for Human beings to build friendship, brotherhood, familial connections with one another, which previous generations took for granted.

Yes, they simply have to build such positive, mutually complementing relationships. What makes this unprecedented and extraordinary is why, with what intention they are doing it, and against what resistance they are achieving it.

Although these people, as a result of their actions reach the same mutual guarantee, “brotherhood” that is instinctively prevalent in nature, or earlier human generations took for granted, they have to achieve it against their selfish, egoistic and hateful nature resisting, working against it with all of its might.

This selfish, egoistic and hateful nature has been growing, intensifying all thigh human history. By today it has reached its maximum potential as we can clearly observe through the daily events, growing barbaric chaos in the world.

Still even this destructive ego we observe “on the streets”, through the news is simply the tip of the iceberg. In the usual, corporeal life we are not fighting against our selfish egos, it is selfish egoists fighting one another, trying to rule over each others.

The true ego, the real dark shadow our inherent nature casts in the world only start showing itself when we start going directly against it, when we provoke it by methodical, systemic self-annulment.

Thus the real ego only starts showing itself in the unique circles, “human laboratories” these committed people use, in order to reach mutual guarantee.

Even at the early stages, while they start to play their mutual “bestowing game” this inherent nature starts obstructing, tricking, bribing then to fail their attempts. It is usually expressed in “animate” hate, dislike, rejection and criticism towards the others in the circle, obstructing then achieving a true, lasting covenant.

But the true, elemental “self-love”, “hate of others” only shows when they reach a realistic chance for a breakthrough, a striking distance from reaching that “clearing”, free, neutral space in between them.

The Light Against The Shadows

It is in that “clearing”, within that clear space, “neutral zone”, in the overlapping area of their self-annulment towards one another that they could start examining the clear light of selfless, altruistic and unconditional “brotherhood” against the surrounding dark shadows of their selfish, egoistic nature constantly, increasingly working against that unity.

It is in that “neutral zone” where the “selfless light plays against the selfish shadows”, can they start observing and examining the qualities of those unique interconnections holding them mutually together.

And the clarity, intensity, resolution of their revelation is determined by the strength of the selfish, egoistic resistance obstructing, disturbing them.

They keep falling back “into the shadows” as this egoistic resistance grows, fights back and they need to regain their composure, balance by constantly upholding, strengthtening their mutual guarantee.

By themselves they would have no chance against the infinite depth, darkness of the selfish ego. But they receive assistance from the source they want to receive according to the plan of evolution.

The moment they start their mutual action, even in its most preliminary, most artificial form, they already aim closer to the qualities of their source and the plan of evolution. Thus they naturally draw assistance from the system.

Thus through the constant entries and exits into and from that “mutual clearing”, with the invisible but very much sensed assistance from the system’s life source they start their education.

They never reveal, attain the source, its essence itself. But through their own inner change, emulating the qualities of the source they gradually get close to it.

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