Sweet Pain

Inner Find

Our purpose in life is finding and attaining the source of our lives. This “finding” doesn’t mean some kind of a physical search, traveling to unique places in order to find an object or a living being.

The finding, attaining happens inside the person according to the law of equivalence of form. Only when we find the qualities, attributes of our creating source inside us do we find and attain the source itself. We have to become like it.

But before we can truly become like this source, or at least reach any level similarity with it we need to reach a desire to make contact with it.

Perfect Crisis

This “first contact” happens at a moment of “perfect crisis”. By then we want to reach, get to know this force more than anything, this contact with our life’s source has become a “life or death” need.

If we can’t make contact with it and start learning from our source, life has no meaning, “even death its better than living like this”. At the same time after trying everything we humanly can, we chime to the realization with absolute certainty that we can’t reach any similarity ourselves.

And on top of those unsolvable dead end we chime to feel an uncontainable, uncontrollable happiness from this intolerable breaking point.

Reaching A Prayer

The similarity, the qualities, attributes we would need to acquire are the selfless, altruistic and unconditional love and service of others. And we don’t possess those qualities by default.

Moreover our inherently selfish, egoistic nature is not only completely opposite to those qualities but it actually works against them, does everything possible in order to prevent is getting closer to those “godly qualities”.

Thus the person wanting to become like the source of life, though the similarity of qualities, acquiring the capability of selfless, altruistic, unconditional love and service of others, needs to go though a unique process in a unique human laboratory leading to that perfect crisis.

There one would need to embark on trying to reach those godly qualities with other people having the same aspiration, purpose.

On one hand they would need to magnify the importance of reaching those “godly qualities” for each other until that importance, their mutually generated yearning to be like the source of life though similarity of qualities becomes the singular, most important goal in their lives.

On the other hand they would need to raise their sensitivity to feel how much their inherent nature is against it. The more they aspire, work towards their common goal, the more they provoke the resistance of their inherent nature.

These people though their common work need to reach the absolute, irrepressible yearning, “love sickness” for the ability to love, while at the same time revealing that by their inherent nature they are only capable of hate. They find themselves in the utter crisis of living, yearning for the “godly love” they can’t reach while hating their own nature they can’t escape from.

And this irreconcilable, intolerable crisis opens, initiates and inner explosion for a “prayer”.

Unlocking An Inner Force

This “prayer” is the unsolvable, desperate crisis point in between the most desired thing in their existence and the absolute, utter inability to reach it. This unbearable “love sickness” that bursts out without words unlocks something unprecedented.

The ability of selfless, altruistic love and service of others is hidden deep inside of us. This capability is the “fingerprint” of the source that created us. After all every artist leaves fingerprints, similarity in the art created.

But this “fingerprint”, like a dormant DNA fragment hidden, suppressed by our “revealed”, external, selfish, egoistic nature remains locked until an elemental need, the right environmental conditions canunlock it, revive it.

This elemental need, right conditions is what those committed people can achieve in their human laboratory. They can bring each other’s to that above mentioned perfect crisis point.

And when they reach it after accumulating enough mutual effort they chime to feel that crisis point as the happiest moment of their life.


By then – though the authentic, purposeful method they follow with their guide they already expect this hidden capability awakening. They know that it is only their inherently selfish, egoistic nature that keeps that DNA fragment under suppression. Their work in the human laboratory is about constantly growing, intensifying a preliminary “love sickness” for the real “love sickness”, for reaching that “perfect crisis”.

By this point they also realized that they needed to go though such a complex, arduous process of provoking their inherent nature, bringing it to that absolute breaking point of “life or death”. Only this way can they prove to that inherent ego that its existence is finished unless it allows the hidden DNA fragment functioning, giving one the similarity of qualities, so the person can start the long, gradual process of becoming like the source of life.

This is why that “perfect crisis” is the happiest moment in a person’s life of one wants to fulfill the purpose of existence. This crisis opens up a path towards true personal freedom and the developmental path giving one complete equivalence with life’s source.

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