Different Viewpoints

In An Alien World

The deepening and seemingly unsolvable global crisis, that affects every facet of Human activity makes us question our perception of reality. After all ideologies, laws, structures we ourselves created and took for granted started to slip through our fingers, and every “solution” we come up with makes everything worse.

Moreover the latest findings of quantum physics gives us a glimpse into a dimension where most of our accepted laws, theories don’t work. Although most respected, modern scientists are hoping to provide us with a “theory of everything”, using technology previous scientists or simple “people of the streets” could only dream of, all they can provide are fantastical, theoretical models, philosophies.

We seemingly find ourselves on assign alien planet.

Selfish Noise Disturbing Perfect Broadcast

All this is not surprising. Our present perception of reality, and as a result our whole human paradigm is false.

We are all born with a completely self-centered, self-justifying nature that gives us a fully introverted and subjective worldview. We only perceive a very narrow and distorted fragment of reality, which fragment serves our egocentric “pleasure/pain” calculations. And this perception gives us a dark, suffering filled view of the world, where each individual ruthlessly and exclusively fights for survival, succeeding at the expense of others.

At the same time we are surrounded by a perfect, harmonious reality, created and sustained by a singular force-field that is based on the true “theory of everything”. But our own egoistic, selfish, loud noise, clashing with the similarly egoistic, selfish, loud noise coming from others drains out, blocks the background information, the tangible presence of that primordial, singular force-field.

It is like a faint radio broadcast, that is completely overshadowed, silenced by very loud, static, overbearing noise. In order to start sensing, hearing, discerning that faint background frequency we would need to silence, block out this selfish, egoistic noise.

Reactivating New Senses

Fortunately unique, primordial, empirical, natural scientists – who by the merit of their special sensitivity and favorable environmental conditions managed to capture and decode that special frequency – provided us with the right method and matching laboratory for that purpose. In that laboratory, with the help of the practical method we can neutralize, block our egoistic, subjective noise, creating the suitable “receiver” and decoder for that special frequency.

The laboratory is a closed circle of ten people, who fully commit to a precisely focused, purposeful, mutual effort. They devote their 100% efforts to help one another liberating their observer points, so they can start sensing and attaining reality’s primordial, fundamental force-field above and despite their inherent noise.

We perceive reality though our five physical senses which are all tuned for the inherently self-serving, self-justifying, subjective perception, and though these five senses we can’t reach any other kind of observation of reality but this selfish, subjective one.

In order to sense and decode reality’s true, all encompassing force-field, understanding its plan and purpose we need to acquire five completely new senses that are not bound by the physical, material limitations of time, space and physical motion.

We receive these new sets of senses seemingly “from outside”, as if we become miraculously capable of detecting something we are unable to detect by birth. This new capability is similar to suddenly receiving the ability to breath under water.

But in truth the new sets of non-physical senses are hidden within us but they are suppressed, overruled by the selfish, egoistic physical senses. Deep inside each and every selfish, egoistic human being there exists the remnant, the unique “fingerprint” of the force-field that created us and determines our evolution. And we can bring forth, reactivate this “fingerprint”, allowing it to operate in us provided we remove or neutralize the overwhelming egoistic noise.

Open The Eye Of A Needle

A noise can be blocked, neutralized by a purposely tuned, projected “anti-noise” sound field. This is what the members of the unique circle can organize for one another.

Though the unique methodology, mutual exercises, mutual support the members of the circle try purposefully replacing their own physical perception with the perception of the others. They try to “enter” one another, feeling, tasting, desiring what the others feel, taste and desire. They make full effort to start fulfilling the desires of those others as if it was their own.

This mutual effort generates a fierce inner tension, war in each of them, as their efforts repeatedly clash with their inherent operating software trying to hold onto their own sensory input, securing the selfish, egoistic fulfilment of their own subjective desires, necessities.

The more they try to neutralize, replace their own selfish, egoistic, physical perception with the perception, desires and opinions of the others the more intensively their inherent operating software tries to counter their efforts. If their 100% mutual effort reaches a certain threshold though, they can reach a deadlock, a fragile balance where their mutually generated yearning for the new, selfless perception neutralizes their inherent perception.

At that point of deadlock they open up a small, selfless, objective space like the eye of a needle, through which they receive a glimpse into the perfect, infinite force-field that encompasses and controls the whole of reality.

The Opposite Value In Between The Selfish Ego And Attaining Perfection

Even this tiny breakthrough provides them with an unprecedented, double perception. They don’t, can’t lose their original perception of reality, sensing the world through the selfishly, egoistically tuned way. But at the same time they acquire the opposite pole, the matching frequency and thus attainment of reality’s fundamental force-field that is absolutely selfless, altruistic, unconditionally serving and loving.

Their inherent nature doesn’t give up resistance, it is the opposite. It constantly intensifies, trying to close that window, the eye of the needle that provides insight into selfless, altruistic, “godly” existence. The members of the circle need to constantly increase their “anti-noise”, using each others desires, necessities, thoughts and opinion to block out, neutralize their own.

This rollercoaster, increasing tension creates an interesting game of “opposite values”. At the beginning, through neutralizing the easiest layers of their selfish, egoistic nature the ments of the cycle can open the “eye of the needle”, acquiring their initial insight into the operations of reality’s fundamental force-field. This initial sense is like a baby sensing the world after being born.

As they delve deeper into the depth of the selfish, egoistic desire, needing to neutralize it through increasing their mutual effort, mutually complementing collaboration, the greater window they create when the actual selfish ego is neutralized. Thus the deeper they sink into the dark, murky depth of their inherent nature, the greater resolution, understanding, expertise they gain in researching reality’s fundamental, singular force-field.

It is exactly this increasing contrast in between the two extremes that provides them with increasing attainment until by reaching the deepest layer of their inherent nature they reach complete, perfect equivalence with their source.

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