Reaching For But Never Reaching

At The Gateway

Humanity is standing ahead a great, evolutionary breakthrough, a true revolution which is unprecedented in our history. We are before breaking through into a completely different dimension of existence, through a renewed consciousness, perception of reality.

Even our “classical sciences” have reached a certain boundary, offering a peek into a different system compared to the one we felt ourselves existing in so far. Especially quantum physics, but also cosmology, biology, each science that deals with nature, life, touched upon findings that contradict our current mindset, understanding, consciousness and how we view the world around us.

Two Different Views, Approaches

Today’s respected scientists are scratching their heads and each time they focus their technologically advanced machinery on tiny particles or distant galaxies, they reveal more questions than answers.

At the same time original, empirical, natural scientists – following a different method of research – during the last few thousand of years have been consistently describing, detailing the true reality that awaits us on the other side of the presently, seemingly unbreachable walls.

Our present mode of research, method of observation, our whole lifestyle is based “attraction”. A “solid”, unchangeable, proud and individualistic observer draws towards itself everything from reality like from a free smorgasbord. Then this “solid”, unchanging observer scrutinises, manipulates reality around it, trying to figure out how to use, exploit everything from the smorgasbord for its own sake in the most maximal, profitable manner.

We, this self-focused observer, are in the center of a completely egocentric, subjective coordinate system with its axis of time, space and physical motion, only serving our self-oriented, introverted pleasure pain calculations.

The method, viewpoint those original scientists have been using is vastly different. They approach reality through “rejection”, first of all pushing away reality from their selves, trying to establish a selfless, independent observer view in order to examine – without the distorting influence of the inherently selfish ego – how they could maximally contribute to the system, benefiting it.

Then they examine which parts of the system they can connect to with that intention in order to facilitate, sustain “perfection”, homeostasis in the system. As a result they are liberated from the static, introverted point of view, receiving the capability to freely “roam” reality above the subjective restrictions of time, space, logistical motion.

This establishes two very different types, modes of perception of reality, consciousness.

Living In A Dying World

With our inherent operating software, approach we live in an artificial human bubble, seeing, tasting the world as most of humanity does today. We exist through constant ruthless and exclusive competition, fight for resources and survival against one another.

We are at war with nature, exploiting it on one hand recklessly, regardless of the consequences on one hand, while being at its complete mercy on the other hand, since we can’t beneficially use nature’s awesome destructive forces, we can’t even predict or explain them. A two minute earthquake or a tsunami can destroy what we built for decades, decimating populations and there is nothing we can do to stop this happening.

In our human bubble reality seems random, with forces, cause and effect processes that contradict one another. The more we delve into researching those forces, trying to find a “theory of everything” bundling them, organizing them, the more contradictions, questions we find. Our “standard model” of explanation becomes increasingly theoretical, fantastical, increasingly incomprehensible, impractical.

In general in our times this artificial bubble is sinking into an unstoppable, deepening crisis, we gradually reveal a very dark, desperate picture, that nothing truly “good” exists in our human world, as everything is born from, governed and corrupted by our inherently selfish, egoistic and hateful nature.

The Dimension Of The Pure Idea

But outside of this bubble a uniform, perfect reality exists, encompassed by a single force-field, with a single, predetermined plan, driving the whole system towards a perfect final state.

From our selfish, subjective point of view, through our broken glasses looking at the vast, cosmic natural system we see innumerable elements, inanimate, vegetative, animate and human matter. We consider each independently existing, contradicting, fighting one another seeing the world as a tense system waiting to explode.

But in the “real system, as it is”, outside of, undisturbed by the subjective human perception, the myriads of elements are simply representations of that single, all encompassing force-field, idea.

All those elements, shapes, events project a single, exclusive idea: that life, existence is created and sustained by “perfect, pure love”: an absolutely selfless, unconditional care and service “away from the self”, towards “others”.

The myriads of seemingly perceptible parts, elements of the system – from tiny particles to bat galaxies – are simple, themselves meaningless pieces, messengers, projections, representations of the essential idea, beautifully, seamlessly complementing one another like in the most perfect symphonic orchestra. And in truth beyond this masterpiece nothing else but that primordial idea, force-field exists.

It is the same frequency, wavelength, idea that quantum physics is hinting at, pointing to a prefect, infinite dimension, infinite possibility system, which system we can’t research, comprehend due to our inherently limited and distorted, subjective and introverted perception of reality based on selfish attraction.

The Pressing Need For Change

Our artificial, distorted human bubble with its seemingly material world is under increasing pressure, sinking into ever deeper crisis, because according to the original evolutionary plan of the “real system” humanity needs to achieve the unprecedented, historic transformation. We need to shift from the inherent consciousness, perception of reality to the upgraded one, allowing us to perceive, exist in the “real, unbounded world”.

If we can’t make this transition proactively, by our own volition, the gradually intensifying pressure, suffering, deepening crisis and unprecedented torments will force us to “wake up” from our present detachment, “Human dream”.

We had to start from this dark, defected, distorted inherent human bubble, in order to have a background, contrast against which we will be able to measure, research the new, true dimension opening up for us. Only through comparative research, measuring opposite qualities against one another can we validate, verify our findings, conclusions.

Thus in our times the practical method those original, empirical natural scientists developed and presented to humanity is becoming crucially important. Only this method can secure humanity’s smooth transition from the preliminary, artificial and distorted dimension to the real, prefect one.

A Laboratory To Build A Screen

According to what we discussed above the method needs to help us to shift from a perception of reality, consciousness that is based on “attraction towards the self” to a perception, consciousness that is based on “rejection, passing on everything towards others, away from the self”.

Here we are facing a “two-fold” problem making this transition almost a “mission impossible”.

Our basic matter we are made of is a desire, the desire to receive pleasures, existence for ourselves. This is who we are, our existence is based on attraction, attracting necessities, pleasures and existence itself towards ourselves. We can’t delete this matter since then we would cease to exist.

Thus somehow I need to reach a state where using this “attracting matter” I still relate to reality through “rejecting, passing on towards others, away from the self”.

Which means that somehow I need an intermediary, a buffer, a unique semi-permeable screen in between my self, and the source of everything life originates from.

The original scientists explain that this is the reason why we don’t find ourselves in reality alone, facing the singular force, the source of everything independently as a singular creature, but we are surrounded by a seemingly complex reality, especially surrounded with other people.

And from among those people who are surrounding us we can build, create that buffer, semi-permeable screen in between our “attracting matter”, self, and the source of everything.

Thus the practical method is based on, unfolds through a unique “Human laboratory”, comprised of a fully dedicated, committed circle of people aiming for the same goal: to create a buffer, a screen in between their selves and the source of existence.

They try to build that screen from the other people they join together with in that “laboratory”. They do so by acting out, exercising mutual, selfless, altruistic care and service towards one another.

The Instrument Called “Soul”

The original scientists, the method calls this “buffer, screen” the soul. This “soul” is the perceiving instrument, tool that is capable of detecting the singular force-field, the original idea mentioned above.

This is the instrument, tool that offers one the independent, objective viewpoint outside of the “self”, pulling the point of observation outside of the original “attracting matter”, beyond the inherent perception, consciousness.

Thus as the original scientists and the method explain, those “others” in the mutual circle become one’s soul when one acquires the true selfless, altruistic, unconditional attitude, relationship to them.

And here comes the second “difficulty”.

First one would imagine that by joining, connecting those “others” to one’s self, like people uniting in a sports team, or commando, one can build the soul. As the method expresses, “through love of others one can reach the love of the source of everything”.

With our present mind it translates to: “if I come to love, accept those others, and connect to them in a friendly manner, then together we can start entering a new dimension, sensing the single, all encompassing force-field, original idea of reality”.

But in truth it isn’t so.

I have to come to such a selfless, altruistic devotion, care and service towards those others, attracting, passing on everything towards them, only for their sake, that the “I” disappears. “I” cease to exist, my “self” dissolves into those others in a way that not even a single cell, memory of my “self” remains. Only a pinpoint, volume-less observer remains in order to observe this transition.

Those “others”, the buffer, the screen I erect, build in between my “self” and the source of life, becomes my “soul”, the instrument of my perception. There remains nothing left of my original “self”, only a point of observer perceiving reality through that screen.

Yearning But Not Receiving

In order to reach that state we need that unique, practical method and the laboratory to facilitate such “supernatural” – rising above, breaking out of inherent nature – transition.

The method is based on generating an insatiable, irrepressible yearning for the new perception, revealing and attaining the original, all encompassing idea while at the same time knowing, accepting that “I”, my original “self” can never achieve, reach it.

While I want to “reach for the stars”, arrive to a state that “even death is better than living without reaching the goal”, and I arrive at an arm’s length to reach it, instead of reaching, taking it for myself I place those “others”, my soul comprised of them, in between the source of everything and my “self”.

They become the vessel, the receptor receiving the desired result, the infinite, perfect perception and consciousness revealing the governing force-field.

Painting A New, Immaterial Reality

My reward is the constant, ever increasing yearning, the importance of the bond, the union unfolding in between the original idea, force-field and a suitable vessel, receptor attaining it. I want this to happen in order to complete the primordial evolutionary plan, reaching the state of adhesion in between the source of everything and its finally conscious, deserving creature “finding, recognizing” one another.

My observer is there to “from the distance” observe this bond but it remains “outside of it”. The yearning, the love sickness is “mine”, but the completion, the union unfolds through “my soul” where my “self” is not present.

Through the selfless, distant observer I can start examining reality through the “soul”, how the different, diverse, seemingly contrasting desires, needs in those “others” start to take on similarity with the singular, all encompassing force-field.

There a constant play, tension in between their originally selfish, egoistic inclination and the new, gradually acquired selfless, altruistic one unfolds. This play, tension, evolving contrast provides the new picture of reality.

It is as if their actual, partial similarity “starts painting with different colors”, shapes on the unblemished, pure, white background of the singular force-field, idea. Those colours, shapes all express that life, existence depends on “pure love”, selfless, altruistic, unconditional care and service of “others” opposed to death, destruction originating from the selfish, egoistic nature.

Since their overall direction is toward achieving pure love, even the contrasting, “polluting” selfish and egoistic desires van positively contribute to the process, providing the “darkness, the murky taint” in the colors reality is painted with.

This new reality, picture emerging is not material any longer. It is emotional, the observer is detecting desires, thoughts, forces, inner impressions.

Face To Face

This is a “schizophrenic” state, “reaching for, but never reaching” – my observer sensing the all encompassing, intolerable love sickness, yearning,  but this love sickness, yearning is never fulfilled, never satiated. Instead my attraction draws the response, “bounty” to the others, they are the receiving vessel,  they are fulfilled, completed as a result of my desire. “I” never meet, joint the force-field directly, “face to face”.

Only in such a state can we persist independently and observe the original, all encompassing force-field, original idea fulfilling, enlivening, creating and sustaining everything.

This way we can avoid the two extreme “fallouts”. If I reach a direct connection, direct fulfillment either my original “black hole”-like nature exploits the new state, swallowing everything into itself, or “I” become caught up, swallowed up in the awe towards the all encompassing force-field, like the tiny flame of a candle swallowed up within the light of the sun.

Remaining detached, as an empty, volume-less, independent and objective observer I can observe how the plan of the original source is completed as the all encompassing force-field gradually bonds with the complete soul.

After the initial circle, the “soul embryo” achieved such bond, it becomes possible to gradually, circle by circle attach others, people, then through the people all the other layers, elements in reality to that live bond until the whole of reality merges into a single “cloud”. And then in that cloud all individualistic elements, shapes, colors dissolve.

And then on the “other side” of that intermingled, purified cloud my selfless observer reveals the primordial source putting everything into motion.

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