The Freedom Of The Puppet

Carpet Pulled From Underneath

How would we react if we suddenly realized that we are simple puppets pulled on strings? What would we feel of we found out that all our thoughts, desires, actions are predetermined, and we are blindly, instinctively executing a program that is installed in us by birth?

At first probably we would react in a complete shock, despair, confusion as if the carpet was pulled from underneath us, as if the air was sucked out of the space we are in.

Suddenly we would lose all confidence, security, since we couldn’t even be sure that what we feel, think right now is originating from us, or it is also simply the inner program executing preprogrammed actions. Maybe I am programmed now to think, awaken to the notion of being 100% governed from outside of me?

Where am I, who am I, where do I start and end? Do I have any free choice? What is the point of all this? If I am completely manipulated, animated, why did I receive this thought that I am so, why was I given this illusion as if I could observe “my self” being pulled on strings?

If this observer was still given a certain ability, space to act independently, what is this space, action?

Turning Towards The Source

I think if we find ourselves in such a scenario the only subsequent logical, “free”, independent act is wanting, needing to find the puppeteer, trying to find the source, trying to understand the meaning, the plan behind this seemingly cruel, torturous act. After all what is the point in bringing a conscious, seemingly intelligent puppet to life only to reveal to it the fact at a certain point in life, that it is simply a passive, robotic doll that is controlled in every aspect.

So seemingly this suddenly conscious puppet was given the one free action, making efforts in finding its creator, puppet master. Then by finding this source the puppet could demand an answer why, for what purpose it was created.

So what “space”, method and tools does the puppet have for this research?


Locked Into A Matrix

When we look at our general, conventional life honestly from this newly conscious point of view, we can see that we have absolutely no freedom in this world at all. All our thoughts, desires, actions are 100% predetermined by four factors. We are blindly, instinctively led by our genetic inheritance, the upbringing, then education we received, and finally we are brainwashed by the actions, the influence of the environment we exist in, filled with other, similarly preprogrammed people.

Especially today in our “red tape” bound, politically correct society we lost all our perceived freedom to act. Very soon even for taking a breath we will need to fill a certain official request, follow certain closely observed, monitored protocol.

We have locked ourselves into a completely closed, inescapable “Matrix” without any free choice, free “unexpected” action. We have to think, talk, act exactly how a meticulously crafted, constantly tightened dogma dictates.

The source that created and governs us cleverly installed in us our inherently selfish, egoistic, paranoid and hateful nature, that in an unavoidable manner brought us to this final, dead end state of human society.

If we want to find a “free space”, a “loose” area outside of this “Matrix”, where we can perform our existential research we need to establish a very different society where the rules, principles, protocols and dogmas of the external society are “as if” suspended. Still without external help,a practical method this is not possible.

Finding The Place And Method

We would remain completely clueless, desperately helpless if it wasn’t for the help we received from a chain of unique, original, empirical, natural scientists.

These pioneers – on the merit of their own special sensitivity and unique environmental conditions they existed in – found their own way of researching and then attaining the source of our existence, the single, all encompassing puppet master.

And based on their experiences, understanding, sensations they provided us with the necessary “laboratory” and the method, giving the puppets the chance to start tracing the puppeteer, following the manipulating strings.

Without the help, the writings of these original scientist we wouldn’t even get the idea that all seemingly random, incompatible forces, events influencing our lives originate from a single, all encompassing source. We wouldn’t have a clue this source had “published” the real “theory of everything” controlling, overseeing everything that happens in reality.

The Laboratory

So people who start to sense that something is not right in their lives, that they seem to loose control over their fate, are invited to the right space, to a unique “Human laboratory” through the impertinent question of “What is the meaning of my life?!”.

This laboratory is comprised of a closed circle of specially “selected/invited” people, who fully commit, devote themselves to finding, revealing the puppeteer pulling them on a string, in order to find the plan, reason, original idea behind all of this, trying to find out if they have any freedom of choice in existence.

There are four fundamental principles who such a unique, closed environment is necessary.

1. Keeping the notion of the “one source directing, controlling everything”.

Without a constant reminder, without a surrounding atmosphere imprinting in us this notion our inherent, self-serving, self-justifying programming – trying to prove to us our proud independence, that we are free to act in this life – would make us immediately forget about such a singular origin for everything. For our inherent nature the notion of such a single source pulling us on strings is simply unacceptable.

Rulership is “either/or”. If we accept the presence of a single, overwhelming external force governing reality, including ourselves, that renders our proud self zero, which it – according to its makeup, program – cannot accept.

2. The importance, impertinent necessity of finding this single source.

Even if the members of this laboratory maintain the notion of a “single source” behind everything, without constantly raising, intensifying the importance of actually reaching and finding this source the above mentioned inherent nature of ours would find any possible reason to slow us down, pull us back, divert us from this task for the same reasons that are detailed above.

3. Self-Annulment.

As mentioned in the first point rulership in reality is “either/or”. As long as our inherently proud, self-justifying program, nature has a foothold in our lives, as long as we have the slightest inclination that we are directing, controlling anything in life, we erase any connection, approach towards our puppet master. Thus we remain in our present illusion.

It is only the “blender”, “washing machine” of the human laboratory that can gradually soften, grind, pulverize our selfish ego until it accepts, yields, accepting the rulership of reality’s single governing force over itself.

4. Reaching similarity of form.

Revelation, attainment can only happen through similarity of qualities with the researched, attained. Thus in order to reveal, attain, communicate with our puppet master we need to tune ourselves to its frequency.

Here again the help we receive from those original, empirical scientists is immeasurable, since they give us hints, a template about the qualities of that single governing force.

They tell us that this force in its essence is absolutely pure, unblemished, selfless, altruistic care and service towards others, a quality that is considered as “True Love”.

Thus the members of the circle need to exercise, make efforts, artificially, against their inherently self-serving, self-justifying qualities, in order to acquire the source’s “godly qualities”.

Faking To Make It

So we receive the chance to follow, actualize these four principles in this laboratory, where neither the obliging influence of the completely preset external world, nor the direct influence of our source seemingly touches us.
Then in this “seemingly” free vacuum the members of the circle start their mutual effort to acquire, clothe into the “godly qualities” the original empirical scientists describe in their writings.

The work is very similar to professional acting. Each member toward the “audience” – the other members of the circle – have to play artificially, with their best abilities and full devotion, as if they already possessed those “godly qualities”, true love toward the others.

Initially it seems easy, even enjoyable, giving everybody a good, warm feeling, camaraderie, generating a very positive, inciting atmosphere. Only when they start sensing their mutual interdependence, as they start to feel the new environment “sucking them in” that their inherent nature starts to wake up, pulling the breaks.

The Necessary Duality

This is when the real work starts, when a unprecedented separation starts evolving.

As the self-serving, self-justifying and self-protecting initial nature uses all its tricks, tools to sabotage their mutual work, while at the same time through their mutual commitment, intensifying efforts they continue building their common space, a positive, purposeful atmosphere, a strange duality, “schizophrenia” evolves.

This is absolutely necessary. If they didn’t feel their selfish ego pulling them back, obstructing, resisting, they couldn’t be certain that their mutual effort is heading in the right, truly selfless, altruistic direction. Only while the angered, hateful inherent nature is “pinned against the wall”, staying empty, enraged, dissatisfied, arguing, criticising the method and the others do they know that the effort they did against, despite their inherent nature is true, and it isn’t fulfilling their selfish vessels.

Then although their inherent nature suffers, experiences blows, suffering, from their new, mutual, purposefully oriented viewpoint, this suffering gives them happiness as it provides the crucial contrast, background for their advancement.

Complete Insignificance Of The Self

In the meanwhile the more successfully they dress into their new selfless, altruistic character like “method actors”, the more emotional impressions they receive from their role. The new dressing, the proficiency in their acting is strengthening, polishing, intensifying that new nature, the new qualities that will provide the necessary similarity with their source.

And this notion is very important. They have to keep strengthening, magnifying the first two points – the single governing source, and the importance of revealing our – mentioned as principles of the laboratory. Their mutual work, their gradual transformation, obtaining the new qualities is not for themselves, as in a military commando or professional sports team, but to establish connection to their puppet master.

And then at a certain point they go through another breakthrough, elevating their efforts to another, higher level.

It is not enough they have to work against, separate from their inherent nature, leaving it stranded, empty and painful. At this point they also realize that this whole process has truly nothing to do with their own selves.

They have to go through these shocking revelations, through this supernatural path of self-humiliation, self-annulment only in order to recognize, attain, glorify and justify the single, all encompassing force of reality.

On the other hand this makes their work a little easier since from this moment on nothing that happens to them, to their original “being” had any significance at all. All the blows, rewards, joys and sufferings are only steps, chances for their education, using everything as parts of the strings that connect the puppet to the puppeteer.

Gradually the puppet reaches complete insignificance through serving the other members of the circle in order to reach the point of justifying, glorifying the puppet master by recognizing its omnipotence, its complete control over everything.

Painful Operation

Moreover even about the seemingly free, proactive process in the laboratory it turns out that the members of the circle didn’t have any freedom, individual action on their own. The moment they are invited into that laboratory, “operating theatre” they are governed by a very sharp, narrow “reward and punishment” cause and effect process.

It can be compared to a patient who consents to a certain, fundamental, life changing surgery, which is performed without anaesthesia. Before each further cut, more complex procedure the surgeon asks the patient’s consent, submission to the surgery. The patient has to consent to it against and above the the clear, sharp pain felt in one’s egoistic “body”.

The moment the patient can’t endure the resistance, pain from the selfish, egoistic nature as the new, selfless, altruistic software, the “love of others” is installed over the inherent “self-love” the person is rejected, ushered back into the previous, instinctive corporeal life.

And the only ability to consent, the only pain relief making the “supernatural” operation possible to tolerate comes from the mutual support, positive examples, artificial magnification, glorification of the goal one can receive in the mutual circle.


The Freedom Of The Puppet

But there is an unexpected twist, a “happy ending” to this seemingly brutal, torturous, “masochistic” process.

As the puppet’s self-esteem, self-justification is completely ground into dust, without any distinguishable remnant of the selfish ego, it can fully, purely clothe into the “godly qualities” of selfless, altruistic care and service of others.

And as the puppet becomes as the puppet master, capable of true love, with it the puppet starts to understand the “mind” of the puppeteer, starts to see reality from the source’s point of view.

By dressing into the “thought”, qualities of the puppet master the actors, puppets bring into life the original creating thought, plan of evolution, in an increasingly correct, refined, perfected way.

Previously that idea, plan was only in potential which now the puppets, thigh their own active participation “dressed into matter”, actual reality.
Thus finally the puppets tuned themselves completely to the frequency of the source and as a result they become capable of thinking, acting, feeling exactly as the source.

Thus the puppets naturally, willingly, consciously start acting exactly how the puppeteer world instruct them, but doing so before the strings were pulled.

And this is the true, absolute freedom of the puppet. By acquiring the mind, plan, desire of the puppet master on the merit of similarity of qualities, it acts instead of the puppeteer without the puppeteer pulling the strings. The puppet and puppeteer became seamlessly adhered to one another as two bonded, loving dancers moving together as one, the puppet leading the puppeteer.

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