Becoming A Butterfly From A Caterpillar

The Next Evolutionary Stage

The transition to the next stage of our Human development is very similar to the “natural miracle”, a butterfly developing from a caterpillar. There are of course differences originating from the difference in between the animate and human levels of development.

While the butterfly’s transformation happens on the instinctive, animate level, we have to consciously, proactively transform ourselves in order to justify being called Human. If a conscious, proactive demand, need for the unique, unprecedented transformation is lacking, we also remain on the instinctive, “humanoid caterpillar” stage until we will be forced to change.

Moreover there is another great difference. While each, individual caterpillar transforms into individual butterflies, in the case of humanity the newborn butterfly is a collective one, merging many individual caterpillars together into one.

Being Frightened To Change

Although we haven’t fully attained this knowledge yet we all exist in a very precise, “intelligent” natural system, that is relentlessly progressing towards a predetermined, final evolutionary goal. Until our generation this development was completely instinctive, unconscious.

Contrary to our prideful belief human history has also been predetermined so far, all the heroes, villains, pioneers and inventors, great leaders and the “simple public” alike acting exactly how they were supposed to act.

We are all blindly driven by seemingly random, accidental desires, impulses, driven by hormones according to a basic operating program in us. This operating program – coded by a completely selfish, egoistic “pleasure/pain principle” – determines all our calculations without any free choice from “our part”.

The constant clashes, intermingling of individual human beings, each driven by one’s own egoistic nature with their individual colors and inclinations, “paints” the picture we view as human history. And while our inherent egoistic nature has been  intensifying in each coming generation, evolution gradually has been forcing us into increasingly integrated, interdependent societies.

Thus today with the maximum intensity, ruthless and insatiable human ego we find ourselves in a globally interlocked, inescapable human network. This paradox is now threatening our very survival as we can observe very clearly from the daily news.

And we could face this paradox even more sharply if we dared to look away from the overwhelming “circus and bread entertainment” brainwashing us. We are supposed to reveal his threat of imminent self-destruction, we need to take it very seriously.  

Becoming viscerally frightened of this potential doom is necessary in order to give us the impetus, the initial push to shift from our instinctive development to a new, proactive one.

The Primordial Need To Become Human

We are not supposed to become just another, slightly more sophisticated animal species living life blindly, following instinctive necessities, desires. Human beings are supposed to become the independent, conscious mind of the Universe, we are supposed to become “partners in creation”.

For that reason the last part, the finishing strait of our evolution needs to become fully conscious, proactive, acquiring a new, collective, “cosmic” mind and intelligence in order to fulfill our Human purpose in reality.

Thus it is according to evolution’s plan that the selfish, egoistic, proudly individualistic human beings had to reach this dead-end stage, the “constantly hungry, self-serving, all consuming caterpillars” realizing that without a “miraculous” transformation they will die without any future.

Identifying Our Free Choice

Of course a butterfly emerging from the seemingly dead, cocooned caterpillar is not a miracle. It happens according to natural evolution’s plan when a “new software” is activated in the body of the caterpillar, transforming it into a butterfly.

So it is with us. We also have a deeper, inner software in us that is dormant at present. This is the operating software of a Human being that can supersede, overrule the inherent, animate “self-destructive caterpillar” software we are born with.

In order to facilitate such a transformation we need a “cocoon”, an incubator where we can place our animalistic, instinctive nature into. And then after the necessary transformation through the right process, that purified, conscious collective Human being can emerge, ready to take on its destined role in the system of reality.

We also need to know that reaching this destined role is not in our choice. Evolution will relentlessly reach its final goal whether we agree or not. But the way, the manner how we reach that goal is in our choice.

We can continue existing as “instinctive, humanoid caterpillars” until the intensifying pressure on us from nature’s system, on each – inanimate, vegetative, animate and human – levels, showering us with blows, disasters, sufferings will soften us, until the caterpillar relents, subdues itself allowing the “human butterfly” to emerge.

Or we can proactively start the unprecedented transformation, by building the unique cocoon, entering it, and initiating the inevitable evolutionary changes on us.

These changes at the end will be performed, finalized by the primordial natural, driving force of evolution, but this force will only act by our precise, purposeful request.

But again that request can come through two different ways. We either ask, demand this force to act on us without conscious choice, as a result of utterly intolerable suffering crushing us, or we can ourselves develop a true, positive yearning, intolerable “love sickness”, necessity towards the expected evolutionary changes.

The Impossible Mission In The Cocoon

The unique cocoon is a special “human incubator”. It is a closed, circular human environment comprising of a fully dedicated, committed circle of people.

They “make a covenant” in between them, obligating themselves to mutually help each other reaching the evolutionary transformation from an “instinctive, humanoid caterpillar” to a fully conscious “Human butterfly”. More precisely their work needs to take them to the above mentioned absolute necessity, “love sickness” for that transformation so they have the power to ask the “final touches” from evolution’s driving force.

Reaching this overwhelming request is a real “mission impossible” since the expected transformation happens at the expense of one’s inherently selfish, egoistic and greedy nature.

The default, constantly hungry, insatiable, self-serving, self-justifying and self-protecting caterpillar has to completely subdue, sacrifice itself in order to give life to the butterfly. And the butterfly in our case is not a direct continuation of the existence of the subdued caterpillar. The subdued, restricted caterpillar – our inherent, insatiable, egoistic self – needs to stay hungry, unfulfilled, humiliated while observing as the others in the circle one committed to assist “fly away” with the new butterfly.

The Selfless, Objective Observer

Those others flying away with the butterfly will carry a spark from the original caterpillar, like a “pair of eyes” that is allowed to observe that different kind of “Human” existence through those others. But the original self, the hungry caterpillar will remain grounded, its only role being providing the necessary “negative” contrast for the comparative research the “Human butterfly” can perform.

It is this contrast, comparative research, “split personality” which makes Human beings capable of becoming and remaining independent observers of the system, fulfilling their role as the conscious mind of all.

The situation is even more peculiar. The same process unfolds from the viewpoint of all the participants in the cocoon, incubator. From their own point of view each of the original ever hungry, egoistic selves, “caterpillars” remain grounded, only a selfless, transparent observer point making it out of the cocoon from each as a result of their mutual self-annulment towards one another.

Thus the actual “butterfly” emerging is nothing else but the mutual collective of the selfless, objective observer point of reach participants.

Mutual “Base-Jump”

There is a very critical, “superhuman” turning point within the mutual cocoon, the moment of complete self-sacrifice. This is the very sharp, conscious moment when the “humanoid caterpillar” understands that the expected transformation will not bring it any reward, any fulfilment or even positive feedback to the original self. The initial mind and heart remains left behind, empty and hungry, surviving on simple morsels the emerging “butterfly” provides to keep the necessary contrast alive and possible.

At this turning point the new independent observer point is not “online”, not functioning yet and there is no guarantee it will ever be. Thus the selfish, egoistic “caterpillar” has to agree to the self-annulment on “simple faith”, driven by the overwhelming desire, yearning, “love sickness” towards the necessary transformation the mutual circle generated within the cocoon.

All the participants are going through the same changes, states and reach this turning point together. And unless they all decide, as “one man with one heart” that they jump into the unknown vacuum of self-annulment with eyes closed together, none of them can make such a “superhuman” jump.

Only after they managed to jump with each other’s unconditional support will they sense and realize that nature’s primordial, evolutionary force is there to support them, guide them through that dark vacuum of self-nullification, until the new observer point riding their “mutual butterfly” emerges on the “other side”and starts “flying”.


New Sensations

The new “flying” ability the inner software change provides doesn’t give these people unique logistical, superhuman abilities. What they go through is an inner change, giving the people in the circle a new consciousness, perception of reality.

Through the new “inner Human” operating software appearing, superseding the original instinctive, selfish, egoistic one they acquire a unique double personality.

They start sensing reality instead of the previous “monochrome”, linear way in an initially mind boggling, multi dimensional, multi colored way they have no memory, precedent of. This new consciousness, perception is almost completely emotional, providing them with pure, “brainless” emotional impressions.

After the initial daze, marvel they gradually start differentiating two very distinct contrasting directions in those emotional impressions: attraction, embrace against rejection, love against hate, reality’s flow streaming towards one’s self or the flow directed away from the self towards others.

Then a new mind forms in order to catalogue, sort, make sense of these emotional impressions. As a result of this “making sense” a new map of reality starts assembling, creating states, conclusions, analysis and synthesis as a result of the interaction in between the two opposite emotional directions operated by the two contrasting, natural operating softwares.

Using this new emotional map the independent, transparent, objective observers can start learning, attaining reality, the plan of evolution, the cause and effect processes behind everything that happens in the world. Thus they start fulfilling their actual Human role in reality.

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