The Story Teller

Purim is the happiest, most “Hollywood-like” Holiday in the Jewish calendar. The story is full of intrigue, with dramatic twists and turns, a poor young girl from an oppressed minority becoming a heroine princess saving her people, a true cliffhanger with an absolutely evil character against the heroes receiving its just punishment in a spectacular … More The Story Teller

Quantum Beings

Emotional Creatures In Digital World Human beings are sentient, emotional creatures. We are seemingly the only sentient, emotional creatures in the natural universe. We are surrounded by unbending, “iron” natural laws, and creatures that are instinctively, automatically following, obeying those laws. The lawful system around us, working on strict cause and effect processes is seemingly … More Quantum Beings

Human Beings

Humans In terms of our DNA we are almost identical to many other animals. And even regarding our lifestyle we are basically blindly chasing and fulfilling instinctively, randomly appearing desires and necessities like all other living creatures. What makes us human, what differentiates us from all other parts of the natural system is how we … More Human Beings


Turbulent Search Those people who by following the insatiable desire to find their meaning of life start searching, sooner or later find the right environment, with an authentic, purposeful method and the suitable, experienced teacher. From that moment on they go through very contrasting, unprecedented states. On one hand they feel full of joy and … More Miners

Absolute Focus

Driven By Desires Our basic matter, the engine that keeps us going, existing is a general desire to receive pleasures for ourselves. Within that general desire for pleasures we have myriads of ¬†different yearnings, goals, needs and necessities. Almost all of them anchor us into this limited, subjective reality, where we have no free choice … More Absolute Focus