Sentient Creatures

Sentient Creatures Human beings are sentient creatures. Many of us are very proud of our mind, intellect, but in truth our basic matter is a desire and we perceive the world through emotional impressions. Our mind, intellect is secondary. It sorts, arranges those emotional impressions, comparing them to previously acquired, inherited memories, templates, building the … More Sentient Creatures

Mind Split

Bursting Human Bubble Today our cutting edge sciences started to reveal – what unique empirical scientists have been stating for thousands of years – that we are surrounded by a “true reality”, that is very different from the reality we are perceiving right now. It is as if human beings have been living it an … More Mind Split

Judging To Merit

Instinctive Self-Justification We are all born with an inherently self-serving, self-justifying nature. As a result in any given circumstances we judge ourselves above others. Even in the most obvious circumstances, when normal logic or reason would justify the actions of others over our own, sooner or later our subjective “personal computer” finds ways of justifying … More Judging To Merit

Constant Prayer

Self-Judgement Most people would consider “prayer” a religious notion. But in truth “prayer” is a state when a person judges oneself, evaluating one’s own state. Human beings are dynamically changing, developing “creatures”. As a result of our inherently self-serving, self-justifying nature, an insatiable, constantly growing desire for self-fulfilment drives us forward. We are always looking … More Constant Prayer

Dynamic Embryo

Before A Qualitative Breakthrough Today Humanity has reached an unprecedented crossroad. We have gone through the childhood, and adolescent stages of our development. The time has come to grow up and become truly “Human”. But this last stage of our development cannot unfold as naturally, instinctively as the previous stages. Our higher, truly “Human” stage … More Dynamic Embryo