Rebuilding Ourselves

In The Center Of The Universe We exist in a harmoniously, intimately interconnected and fully integrated vast, cosmic, natural Universe. Each comprising part, element from the tiniest particles to galaxies all inherently, unconditionally, mutually complement one another creating an intricately interwoven whole. This integration maintains the critical balance, homeostasis without which sustaining life, optimal development … More Rebuilding Ourselves

A Complete Reset

Developing Through Vicious Cycles Humanity is at fateful crossroads today. As we are sinking into a deepening and seemingly unsolvable global crisis we have to finally look at ourselves and see if we could shift from our present, self-destructive, instinctive development to a different one. Human history is a chain of recurring vicious cycles. We … More A Complete Reset


Potentially Human We consider ourselves human beings although at this stage we don’t merit to use our “name”. The word “human” comes from the Hebrew word “Adam”, that originates from the expression “similar”. Through our personal and collective development we are supposed to reach a final, most optimal state, when we become similar to the … More Super-Human

The Need For Egypt

An Angelic Spark Although we don’t know it yet, we are not mere “human beings”, but we are like “fallen angels” trapped in this physical, humanoid matter. There is a small spark, a desire, a DNA fragment in us that belongs to a completely different dimension, to a completely different form of perception, existence. In … More The Need For Egypt